"Where Words Fail, Music Speaks" ”

— Hans Christian Andersen

Under The Milky Way

Danté is a guitarist, songwriter, producer and vocalist from Melbourne Australia. He is mixing genres and taking influences from all styles of work and through the commitment and persistence, has become an artist endorsee for Fender Australia.

Danté has worked with and been influenced by with some of the greats and has worked in some of Australia's iconic studios and when he is not writing or producing his own music, he steps out to the cover scene with a number of Australian rock bands and continues to expand on his music knowledge.

The influence of Aussie pub rock shines when you listen to his first release “Under the Milky Way”, a classic song originally by The Church, which he has re-hashed with a modern rock twist. Produced by Tony Tosti and mastered by the Sid Grondman, they have brought the rawness of the session to a level of sonic fidelity, that matches perfectly to mix the classic tune with the modern rock genre.


TAKE OVER- single

Taking influence from acts like James Bay and Catfish and The Bottlemen, Melbourne songwriter Danté is releasing his bright, punchy pop/rock single that is the perfect balance between refreshing and familiar.

From the opening line you are transported to the front seat of your best friends rusty beat up wagon, cruising down the highway under bluest skies on a steamy summer's day. Santana style lead guitar played by Danté himself rips through harmony drenched, textured hooks symbolising all that it is to be young and naive, trying to do what you want in life but feeling somewhat lost and unguided.

Featuring complex and tactical guitar stylings, coupled with raw simplicity, Take Over is the first track to be released from the forthcoming EP ‘Knowledge’ produced by Danté Peluso, and Tony and Ray Tosti and gives great insight into what to expect from Danté and his band.



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